01/23/06 – Burgundy Part 1 (WHITE)

By Jesse on January 23, 2006


Thanks to all of you crazy alkies who came out to the party this weekend.  If you were there, I actually have a quick question for you: do you happen to know anything about the disappearance of a painting that was hanging in our hall?  Right when you first go into the apartment, on the left, we had a painting hanging there, but by about 1:00 or 2:00 (can’t really remember), I noticed it was missing.  I just assumed it was a roommate trying to “Punk” me or something, but by the next morning, the absence of Ashton Kutcher made me realize that it had probably been taken.  Did any of you see anyone messing with a painting, taking it off the wall, even talking about it?  I’d definitely appreciate any clues you guys might have noticed.

Besides the rather perplexing disappearance of some of our apartment’s decor, the party was a lot of fun.  Some red Bordeaux, last week’s wine, was passed around at one point, although I don’t think anyone took the time to analyze it very much.  This week we move on to white Burgundy, typically made entirely of Chardonnay.  Burgundy is the home of some of the most sought-after wines in the world, so this meeting has the potential to be epic.  In addition, “Burgundy is in some ways the most terroir-oriented region on the planet; immense attention is paid to the area of origin, and in which of the region’s 400 types of soil a wine’s grapes are grown. It has a carefully demarcated quality hierarchy: the grand crus are at the top, followed by premier crus, then village , and finally generic Bourgogne” –Wikipedia.  Learn more on Tuesday.

We’ll be meeting at Jason’s house in Brentwood.  Here are the address and some directions: (psych!)

Hope to see you all there with a bottle of white Burgundy and perhaps an extra wine glass or two.  Oh, and a smile.  Not enough smiles at the last meeting.  I was getting so depressed.  C’mon, people, lets show some teeth.  Thank you.