03/22/07 – Round One Results (and next week’s event)

By Jesse on March 22, 2007


Congratulations to everyone who came out and participated in the first of two blind tastings that encompass our playoff series this March!  Results were all over the board, although I think everyone who participated was generally pleased with their performance.  Unfortunately, home-court advantage didn’t do much for yours truly, but I suppose the absence of Don (who was at hockey) just made the place seem empty and hostile.  Next week everyone has a chance at sweet redemption and at the championship… as you’ll see below, the scores are still very close, and definitely within striking distance for those participants who didn’t make it out on Tuesday.

Round One — Whites (Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc)
Tuesday, March 20

1.  Jessica (10)
1.  Andrew (10)
3.  Sasha (8)
3.  Newsha (8)
5.  Emily (7.5)
6.  Jen (6.5)
7.  Noah (6)
7.  Daniella (6)
9.  Jesse (5)
10.  Nick  (4)

Beware the regional guessing!!  I learned the hard way.  You start dreaming of big two-point scores, and then you wind up with only a half-point, because even on our best days, most of us can’t tell a sweet German Riesling from a sweet Californian one.  Or can we?  Jessica claimed a few big 2-point victories, especially on those Sauv. Blancs from New Zealand, as did Sasha.  Who’s gonna be the big taster next week?

Total Scores as of Wednedsay, March 21

1.  Andrew (11)
1.  Jessica (11)
3.  Newsha (10.5)
4.  Emily (9.5)
4.  Jen (9.5)
6.  Sasha (9)
7.  Jesse (8.5)
8.  Nick (7.5)
9.  Daniella (6)
9.  Nick (6)

Maggy, our top seed heading into the playoffs, the crucial absence — no longer in the top ten!  And where were Jason and Brittney that night?  They both claim they’ll be there next week… will they charge out of the gate with reckless abandon, guessing regions left and right, racking up huge totals?  Or are they doomed to wallow forever in the muck of could’ves and should’ves with Gary Hart, Mitch Williams and the ’06 Saints?

On another important note, next week’s meeting — we’ve had a couple requests for Tuesday, and one for Wednesday.  Anyone with a serious preference, write to me ASAP.  Also, we have a location for Tuesday lined up, so anyone who’s dying to do it on Wednesday, give me an alternate location.

Don’t forget, it’ll be Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, so get really drunk on reds this weekend to prepare.  See you soon…