04/25/07 – Wines from your state

By Jesse on April 23, 2007


After months and months of anticipation, “wines from your state” night is finally here!  Look forward to ridiculous bottles of vino from New York, Texas, and Wisconsin… and, as promised, a bottle from my Hawaii trip last summer (which I actually bought in Hawaii and then painstakingly wrapped up and smuggled back to the mainland in my luggage, where I later learned that I could’ve bought the same bottle in Vendome for a dollar less). 

Those members who hail from California: please bring a bottle from a region that has some significance to you.  Could be where you grew up, or where you used to live, or even the location of a really good tasting experience… but whatever it may be, please be prepared to regale us with an appropriately anecdotal bit of sentiment.  Otherwise it’s gonna be a whole evening of “uh, I got this at Ralph’s… and they have Ralph’s where I’m from.”  Also, even if you’re from California, please feel free to bring wine from another state — perhaps where your parents are from?  Or where you want to live when you grow up?  Be creative.

At this meeting we’ll also be discussing our Paso Robles trip.  Possible dates include next Sunday, May 6, or the following Saturday, May 12.  Please come prepared to advocate one of those two dates or to offer alternate suggestions.

We’ll be meeting at Jason’s totally new re-furnished apartment in Brentwood .  Get yourself amped up on home-state pride, unsheath that long-dormant bottle that’s been in the back of your closet, and come prepared for some interesting tastes.  We’ll see you on Wednesday at 9pm.