New for 2013: a scaled-back schedule for the (not so) Young (anymore) Winos of LA

By Jesse on February 8, 2013

Some of our regular meeting attendees are surely wondering why we haven’t yet held a weeknight tasting in this new annum of ours, and I apologize for not being more prompt with my communication regarding this matter. The reason for our lull is this: after much careful thought, deliberation, and protracted discussions with our longest-tenured members, I’ve decided that transitioning away from a regular schedule of weeknight meetings is the appropriate course for our organization.


An update on how to ensure you receive Young Winos meeting announcements

By Jesse on November 19, 2012

Like a living organism responding to an endemic, primal urge to change and evolve, no matter how annoying that might be for everybody else, Facebook has once again changed the settings which regulate the way you receive notifications about Young Winos meetings.  Forget the instructions we gave you earlier this year; there’s a new set of settings to change and boxes to check.  Fortunately, Jason has laid it all out for us:

First, make sure you have Notifications for Young Winos of LA turned on. If you navigate to the Young Winos of LA group on Facebook, you will find this in the Notifications menu near the top.


11/28/13 – Thanksgiving wines (a better Beaujolais, numéro six)

It’s that time of the year everyone.  When you get to sit down with people you care about, catch up, and kick back a couple of glasses of wine before your stuck with your crazy Uncle Ed for an entire Thanksgiving dinner.  That’s right, it’s the Young Winos’ annual Beaujolais tasting.


Response to “Full-bodied whites for the beginning of fall”

Just a brief note on our tasting notes:

You may have noticed that, in the past, our tasting notes have come in prose form.  For better or for worse, Jesse is a much better write than I am, so in the future I will be posting notes more as a list of an aggregate of opinions of wine tasted on a particular evening.  So, for example, if you did not think that wine X tasted like peach, but someone else did, I am likely to include it in the tasting notes.  In this sense, these notes are really more a collection of group opinion of what people thought of a wine, rather than the experience of any one individual.

Line of the night (in reference to Con Class Verdejo 2011):  “Smells like a peach fucked a pear.”  Credit – Andrew L