09/13/06 – Central Coast pt. 2

By Jesse on September 12, 2006


Upon the beseechment of this week’s host, Dr. Jason Meltzer, we return to the fertile Central Coast region for round two of delicious, spicy, fruity reds and big sunny whites.  For the purposes of our tasting, we’re going to define Central Coast as the wine regions immediately north of the town of San Luis Obispo.  Some people include Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande in the Central Coast rather than in Santa Barbara (since they’re not in Santa Barbara County), but we grouped them with Santa Barbara because of the similarity of climate and wines produced.  The climate of the Central Coast is different — hotter, actually — and the wines grown there are therefore very different…. different varietals, and different tastes.  The Central Coast regions we’ll be tasting are Paso Robles and the much smaller region of York Mountain

When shopping for these wines, expect to find a lot of big, jammy reds, like Zinfandel, Cabernet, and Syrah.  The Karen MacNeil book claims that the Zinfandel from Eberle Winery “could do justice to a medieval feast of roasted meats.  In most years, it’s a big, masculine bear of a wine.”  In a lot of ways, then, this wine is kind of like me.  She continues: “…richly suffused with leather, chocolate, raspberry, and cigar box aromas and flavors, changing ever so slightly minute by minute.”  I’m sold.  In addition, Meridian Vineyards, which I believe is sold in Ralph’s, “makes a slew of very good, well-priced, every night dinner wines.”  Oh, also, it’s not just reds on the Central Coast… you can also find Chardonnay and the occasional Riesling.  Please bring either red or white.

Paso Robles is the location of the annual Zinfandel festival, a week-long event that commemorates the wine that first put the Central Coast region on the map.  It’s in March, and I think it would make a great field trip:  http://www.pasowine.com/events/zinfandelfestival.php

Speaking of field tripsour first ever Young Winos field trip is THIS SATURDAY, September 16.  Come to this week’s meeting to discuss departure time, transportation, and wineries that we’ll be visiting.  Anyone with any relevant information pursuant to the trip (i.e. about the wine trolley, or regarding favorite wineries) please come and contribute, and if you cannot make the meeting, please e-mail me said information.  The trip is going to be a huge success, I have no doubt… unless it isn’t.  Either way, it’s definitely a collaborative effort, so come along to the meeting to contribute your own personal input.

We’ll be meeting at Jason’s house in Brentwood. Chill your whites, bring some ideas for this Saturday, and leave your worries at the door.  You can pick them up as soon as you leave, I promise.  But it’s just really annoying when everybody’s always worrying during the meeting.  It’s a buzz kill.  “Jesse, I heard it’s going to be really hot next week.”  I don’t care.  “Jesse, I forgot to lock my car and my laptop is in there.”  Seriously, keep it to yourself.  “Jesse, global warming.”  Well, that’s a good one.  See you all on Wednesday at 9:00.