01/30/06 – Burgundy Part 2 (RED)

By Jesse on January 30, 2006

Dear unabashed lushes…

Wednesday night’s meeting marks a first in the history of the Young Winos of LA: a meeting held on a Wednesday. It’s also gonna be a very special meeting for several reasons, first and perhaps even foremost of which is that we’ll be drinking Red Burgundy. I mean, you want to talk about wine, red Burgundy is kind of “la creme de la creme,” if you will. And if you won’t, well, then…. it’s just really, really good.

Most wine experts would be likely to call red Burgundy one of the world’s most important wines. If Miles (Paul Giamatti’s character from Sideways) were to go to France, red Burgundy is the wine he would be drinking. It’s made entirely of Pinot Noir, which I seem to remember we really enjoyed the last time around, so come prepared to drink a lot and enjoy every drop. For those who want a refresher: “Burgundy is in some ways the most terroir-oriented region on the planet; immense attention is paid to the area of origin, and in which of the region’s 400 types of soil a wine’s grapes are grown. It has a carefully demarcated quality hierarchy: the grand crus are at the top, followed by premier crus, then village, and finally generic Bourgogne” –Wikipedia.

We’ll be meeting at Andrew’s house. Here’s his address and directions: (wrong)

He didn’t mention if we should bring extra glasses, so if you think of it, schlep a couple along. And bring a friend, or even an acquaintance, really. Sound good? We’ll see you all on Wednesday night at 9:00.