Send Us Wine!

You may have heard rumors that the Young Winos enjoy drinking wine to excess, and such rumors are not necessarily without foundation. However, did you also know that the Young Winos enjoy reviewing wine to excess?

We review all manner of wine: the cheap and the pricey, the foreign and the domestic. No wine is too obscure, no label too unpronounceable for our meticulous dissection. We can’t promise to review every bottle we receive, due to time constraints and the potential for serious liver damage; nor will we post favorable reviews of wines we don’t enjoy. However, any wine opened in our tasting group — and especially those that make it on to the website for our readers’ benefit — will enjoy unique exposure to a crucial new demographic.

101_5754.JPGWe are a conduit to a new generation of wine drinkers yearning for guidance and suggestions. The young winos of this day and age are a breed unlike any the industry has ever seen: discriminating in terms of quality, highly conscious of value, and thirsting for information. The savvy wine producer of today is the one who understands the importance of interacting with tomorrow’s wine drinker in a forum familiar to a younger generation.

Please contact Jesse Porter to get the requisite information to send us a sample or two; we always attempt to review as many as we can. Another possibility is to arrange a tasting at your winery — we love field trips and we are eager to meet producers who are embracing today’s new wave of winos. The Young Winos of LA look forward to hearing from you.