Sparkling Wines from Outside California

By jasonm1 on July 27, 2007

Toso Mendoza

Le Couture Proseco
-light color
Taste: pears, demi-brut

Random Notes
-method traditionalle: secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle
-sec is sweeter than extra dry or brut

Milan Tendresse

-sec, blanc-de-blanc
Nose: slight funk, honey floral
Color: pale yellow
Taste: long finish, slightly fruity
-4 of 14 would purchase again

Silvano Follador Prosecco

Nose: peach
Palette: peachy, waxy unwashed fruit
Finish: nasty finish, chemical finish

Segura Vindas Cava
-Brut Reserva, fermented in bottle
Nose: cheese

Perl de Framboise Raspberry Sparkling Wine

-Cuvee Reserve
-produced and bottled by Clair de Lorraine
-Lorraine region
Nose: fruity, floral

Piper Sonoma
-Select Cuvee
-Methode Champenoise

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