Rose Tasting Notes

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Thanks to Sasha for taking notes!
Saint Roche Les Vignes
-Appelation Cotes de Provence Controlee
-light color
-nose: strawberries, watermelon, jolly ranchers, berry candy
-0 out of 10 would purchase again
Chateau De Segries
-Appelation Tavel Controlee
-ruby red color
Les Domaniers de Puits Mouret
-Appelation Cotes de Provence
-light color
-nose: weak, mundane
-palette: bland, cheese, musty finish, like a French white, dirty, moldy
Sutter Home White Zinfandel
-served as controlMarques de Caceres
-Denominacion De Origen Calificaioa
-nose: cherry, medicinal
-Palette: spicy, nasty finish, sweet, more tannic, rancid finish, not much body, low complexity
-dark color

Baron Herzog Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon
-nose: cherry, vanilla
-palette: super sweet, watermelon, fruity, blueberry, strong finish, refreshing, cranberry
-medium color
-2 out of 10 would purchase again
-Jason would serve it to tweens
Chateau Romassan
-Mise En Boute le au domaine
-Appelation Bandol Controlee
-palette: medicinal finish, peachy flavor, bitter, weak body
-0 out of 10 would purchase again

Domaine de Tempier
-country wine/table wine
-nose: dried cherry, raspberry, fig, rhubabrb
-palette: buttery, spicy finish, peach aftertaste, oaky, slightly woody, long finish
-6 out of 10 would purchase again
-notes: initial funk easily released, rated 89 in Wine Spectator

Quotes: “If I was a pedophile, this is the wine I would serve.” Jason
“I assume it’s dirty talk” (when girls are whispering) Jason.
“How would Jesus wine rate in Wine Spectator?” — “Subtle hints of finger lice and piety.” Anonymous genius

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