09/10/08 – a handful of reds from Black Sheep Finds

By Jesse on September 8, 2008


Last week, the good people at Domaine547.com gave us a discount for our Obscure Whites Redux tasting.  This week, they’re giving us one better — a pair of winemakers!  On Wednesday night, the Winos will be joined by Peter Hunken and Amy Christine of Black Sheep Finds, as well as Jill Bernheimer of Domaine547.  Peter and Amy will be pouring us five red wines from their various labels (check them out here, and visit Domaine547.com to find out more about what goes on there).

Since the winemakers themselves will be bringing all of the wine, no shopping is necessary on your part — attendees will simply bring $10 to go towards the Wino administrative fund, which allows us to continue our efforts to get the Young Winos’ name out there and bring you more cool tastings like this one.  Upcoming events include a beer tasting in two weeks with the guys from the LA Wine Fest, as well as a couple of other nifty events we’ll mention at the meeting!

We’ll be meeting at Sasha and Noah’s place in Santa Monica.  The RSVP situation is as follows: new members have eight spots reserved for them at each and every meeting, with preference within those spots given to newbies who were denied admittance due to space constraints in recent weeks.  Please do not RSVP in the positive if you’re not sure you can make it, as this will deny someone else the opportunity of attending the meeting.  If you do RSVP and then need to cancel, please inform me as soon as possible.

Once you’ve gotten your confirmation e-mail, you’re good to go!  Scrounge up ten bones, and put your drinking caps on — we’ll see you on Wednesday night at 9:00.