Max courts danger and orders wine by mail

By Jesse on July 3, 2008

In terms of bang for your buck, we Winos (save maybe Jason the cynic) are all onboard the penny-farthing that is the Cycles Gladiator Syrah, a perennial workhorse that delivers respectable oomph at a price we like to swallow. So I applauded Max when he recently made a woot wine purchase and snagged four bottles of various Cycles varietals online. Nothing could prepare us for our shock, however, upon opening the package and discovering that all four wines looked like this:


That’s right — all four corks were protruding halfway from the bottle. On one of them, the foil was broken but still dangling on, as though the cork had literally pushed its way out. In fact, we surmised that must’ve been exactly what happened… all four bottles were full, after all, and Woot wouldn’t last long if it were selling half-uncorked bottles on a regular basis.

Anyway, I told Max to return the bottles, which I figured would make for an interesting blog entry on the attentiveness of the people over at Woot to customer service issues. But apparently that was too much of a bother, because he had drank two of the bottles the next time I brought it up. He said they tasted a little off. Go figure.

More photos after the jump:

dsc01309.JPG dsc01306.JPG
Max recreates the foil situation; seriously, one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen

The Young Winos of LA — we drink the shitty wine so you don’t have to

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  1. I’ve ordered lots of wine off woot and never had a problem. Guess nobody’s perfect. They would replace it for you though, if you asked.

    Comment by jasonm1 — July 6, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

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