The Young Winos come in dead last

By Jesse on May 3, 2008

blogo2.jpgThrough no fault of our own — blame it on the tyranny of alphabetical order if you need a scapegoat — the Young Winos have found themselves at the very end of an impressive list of wine blogs. The WineBlogger website has recently added the Winos to its 100+ database of wine weblogs from around the world. Thanks to Ryan Opaz for the add! Too bad we had to be at the bottom… you’d think there’d be a Zinfandel blog or something…

The last time the Winos found themselves in this type of exclusive company was following our first Wine Blogging Wednesday experiment. The people over at WineLibraryTV made a list of all 59 participants (mercifully, we found ourselves near the top of that one.)

Do Winos have favorite wine blogs? Utilize that comment section and let me know…

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