12/05/05 – Miscellaneous whites

By Jesse on December 5, 2005

Crazy kids,

When I was in grade school, I would read the lunch menus that the school cafeteria would print up and send home with us on a monthly basis.  The color-coded, crudely-decorated leaflets would go straight up on the fridge so that I knew what I was going to be getting for lunch each and every day.  And at the end of the school year, I remember very distinctly that each day of the last week of school would be “Las Vegas Day – Take a Chance.”  I kid you not.  Basically, you wouldn’t know what you should expect, because THEY didn’t even know.  It was all the leftovers of the school year, whatever government surplus foodstuffs they happened to have lying around the freezer in great amounts.

That’s kinda what tomorrow’s meeting is gonna be like.  Please feel free to bring any and every type of white that we have not yet covered.  Just please make sure you’re bringing a varietal — a wine based solely on and named after one grape (ones we’ve done so far are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc, rather than a region-named wine like Burgandy or Chianti).  Also avoid ambiguous blends like “California White” or “Napa Valley Table Wine.”  Lets see if we can stick to varietals.  A few suggestions: Gewurztraminer is a classic German grape that produces some awesome wines, and then there’s Semillon (often blended with Chardonnay) and Muscat, two more grapes we can throw in for good measure.  And we’ll round it off with Viognier.  That should give everyone some room for experimentation in purchasing.

We’ll be meeting at Kate and Brett’s swanky Hollywood pad.  The address is (not so much), zipcode 90038.  It’s near Fountain, in between La Brea and Highland.  We’ll be meeting there at 9 PM.  Anyone who remembers, bring a few extra glasses.  Other than that, just being some chilled miscellaneous whites and your bad selves.  Call Kate at 617-642-xxxx if you get lost.  See you Tuesday!