12/02/05 – The Beaujolais meeting

By Jesse on December 2, 2005

OK winos…

The Beaujolais meeting was fun, but quite admittedly it got a little bit out of hand.  Between the piano playing, the couch scrubbing, and Don’s increasingly troubling bursts of asinine insight, we were a messy bunch of unabashed drunks by the time it was over.  Well done.

Unfortunately, we were a bit too intoxicated and disorderly to have a proper discussion regarding next week’s grape selection.  If we want to keep with the red/white every-other-week thing, while simultaneously staying with varietals and not region-based wines for the remainder of 2005, we don’t have too many options, because we’ve done most of the major white varietals.  (There are plenty of obscure ones that none of us have ever heard of, but we’ll have plenty of time for that later.)  For next week, I thought we could wrap up the whites with a combination meeting of just a few remaining important whites that we haven’t done yet.  Gewurztraminer is a classic German grape that produces some awesome wines, and then there’s Semillon (often blended with Chardonnay) and Muscat, two more grapes we can throw in for good measure.  Does that sound good to everyone?

Also, attached are the wine journal and the notes from Tuesday’s meeting, compliments of Hillary.  Enjoy!