Sunil’s letter of interest

By Jesse on October 30, 2005

Ed. (03/08): I had to include this.

Hi there,

I just moved to LA aprox. a month ago because I was offered a job here (in the advertising business) from grad school. I am 24, and I am always looking to hang with new people, so what better way to bond than over fine selections of wine? Anyway, I actually went to school at Syracuse University, but never actually made it out to the Finger Lakes. We had a wine tasting event plan for our grad school class, but it fell through. So, it would be cool to meet some folks from NY, who have an appreciation for the finer things in life (of course, wine being among the top of the list). Are you guys all from SU or the surrounding
area? Just wondering….To make a long story short, I don’t know anything about wine, so maybe you can educate me? Let me know if you guys are interesting
in meeting sometime (You mentioned Monday?). Thanks.


Well, we tried!!