Last night’s meeting / next week’s meeting

By Jesse on October 5, 2005

Hey people,

The first meeting of the West Coast incarnation of the famous wine tasting group went really well! Thanks so much to everyone who attended. We definitely all now have a better grasp of Sauvignon Blanc, from the grape’s origins and lineage to its best growing regions, from its plethora of bizarre flavors to it’s viscous “legs”… and we also now have a couple of bottles that we know we really like (the Fernleaf from New Zealand and the Berenger Founders’ Estate from Napa, both 2004, were the big winners).

We decided two big important things about next week’s meeting: 1) the topic, and 2) a different day of the week.

1) Next week we’ll be doing Cabernet Sauvignon, and we’ll be examining it several ways. First, we’ll be comparing it to Cabernet Franc, which is one of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape’s parents (the other being, of course, Sauvignon Blanc itself). Additionally, we’ll be comparing full Cabernet Sauvignons to Cabernet blends, such as a Cabernet/Merlot, or perhaps a Cabernet/Shiraz. It should be a really interesting meeting.

2) Next week’s meeting will be on Monday instead of Tuesday, still at 9 PM.

We discussed other subjects as well, including what Max and Kate are going to be doing this Saturday, Don’s various creative perversions, and Molli’s idea of having a big wine group feast where we cook meals and see which wines compliment them well. For all those who couldn’t make it last night, drop me an e-mail and let me know if you’re going to be able to make it this coming Monday, or whether you’d like to be removed from the list. I’ll send out another e-mail a couple of days before the meeting.

See you next week~


Those Monday meetings didn’t last long. But look how serious we already were… picking out bottles that we liked, sending multiple e-mails per week… good signs of things to come.