Belgian Fest at Lucky Baldwin’s

By jasonm1 on March 18, 2008

Lucky Baldwins, a Pasadena/Sierra Madre pub duo, had a fantastic Belgian Beer Festival at the beginning of March. I was able to attend one night and sampled eleven of their many dozens of offerings. The fest is over, but I highly recommend checking out the pub for a great selection of beers from around the world, and a particularly varied menu of Belgians. Here’s what I had from the fest:

  • Val Dieu Grand Cru – wonderfully dark and malty with hints of cherry.
  • Keizerberg – reminiscent of a Triple and rather fruity.
  • Gentse Triple – Strong and nutty!
  • Grotten Brown – a favorite of the night.
  • St. Feuillien Noel
  • De Glazen Toren Triple
  • Radar Blond
  • Grimbergen Double
  • Petrus Old Brown
  • Petrus Winter
  • Nostrodamus

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