10/10/05 – Cabernet Sauvignon!!!

By Jesse on October 10, 2005

Did you like the three explanation points? I’m trying out a new “super excited” motif in my Wine Group e-mails from now on.

Dear Friends,

As you know, tonight marks the second meeting of the fledgling 25-and-under Wine Group, and we’ll be doing Cabernet Sauvignon. Hopefully we’ll have several different bottles of Sauvignon to compare, and then we’ll also be comparing the wine with a sample of Cabernet Franc, one of its two genetic parents. Finally, we’ll be trying a blend of Cab Sauv and another grape, probably either Merlot or Shiraz, which can be very good.

We definitely hope to see all of you there tonight. As always, please bring either a bottle of tonight’s grape or a few dollars for reimbursement. If you’re bringing a bottle, stick to Cabernet Sauvignon — Max and I will take care of buying the Cab Franc and the blend. As far as regions are concerned, pick whatever you think looks good. If you want to go classic French style, Cabernet Sauvignon is the principal grape in most red Bordeaux. If you’re thinking California, Cab is a hugely popular grape, particularly in wines from Napa and Sonoma. And if you want to look elsewhere, apparently there are really good Cabs from Australia and Chile.

For those who couldn’t make it last week, the address is (I don’t think so!!). The entrance is around the right side of the building, and it’s apartment #4. Any questions, go ahead and e-mail me back. Otherwise, see you tonight!!!