First meeting of the 25-and-under Wine Tasting Group

By Jesse on October 3, 2005

Ed (03/08): Here’s the first-ever e-mail! We were so na├»ve.

I like that the meetings get out after an hour or two (instead of ending around 1:30 or whenever the slobbering drunks scattered around my house decide to peel themselves off the wine-stained furniture and lurch out to their cars).

By the way, want to know who attended? Very few. The meeting consisted of me, Max, Kate… and Molli. What ever happened to Molli?

Hey guys,

Thank you to everyone who responded to the craigslist posting about the 25-and-under wine tasting group. We’re impressed with the response, and the turnout Tuesday evening will hopefully be just about the right size. This e-mail contains all of the details you’ll need to know in preparation for tomorrow’s inaugural meeting.

FORMAT: We’ll be starting at 9 PM with the requisite formalities and introductions. Once everyone feels sufficiently introduced, we’ll break open the first bottle and let both the learning begin and the good times roll. Meeting will last as long as we want it to… maybe an hour, maybe two, depending on how many show up (and, consequently, how many bottles we open). Of course everyone can feel free to leave whenever they need to.

SUBJECT: After our first meeting, we can discuss the subjects of our future meetings as a group and figure out where people’s interests lie. As for tomorrow night, though, Max and I decided between ourselves to autocratically select a nice standard varietal to start out with. Sauvignon Blanc is one of our favorites, so we’ll be going with that one. We have a few bottles picked out to compare, a couple Californians and a nice sample from New Zealand as well (I’ve heard good things about Sauvignon Blanc from NZ, so we’ll see). Please feel free to bring along a bottle of your own, or if you prefer you can just bring some cash to reimburse those who brought bottles. In the future we can delegate assignments with more specificity — i.e., John’s bringing one from Napa, Jim’s bringing an Australian, Julie’s bringing a South African, etc. For tonight, we’ll keep it informal…. any Sauvignon Blanc will do. Happy shopping.

LOCATION: Tomorrow night’s meeting will be at the apartment of me, Max, Don, and Mike, which is located in Sherman Oaks, right off Ventura. The address is (don’t you wish you knew), #4. Here’s a map. The entrance is around the right side of the building, up the stairs and to the right.

BITS AND PIECES: Try to arrive close to 9:00 so that you don’t miss much. We have about 15 wine glasses, so we’ll probably be good, but if anyone feels compelled to bring extras, please feel free to do so (especially if you’ll be getting there at all late). If two or more people are coming together, you should probably plan to bring a bottle each (if you choose to bring less, that’s fine, just plan to limit your consumption to how much you contributed). Please do be prepared to drink responsibly and get home safely, of course. Finally, if anyone has any books or articles that they think would be pertinent for tonight’s discussion, we’d love to have them. Other than that, just bring your bad selves.

Any questions, drop me a line. See you all tomorrow night!