Subjectivity, supertasters, and goat cheese

By Jesse on March 6, 2008

Three important issues facing the wine world today are subjectivity, supertasters, and goat cheese. Here are some delicious articles for your Thursday afternoon that pertain to such issues. If I can inspire any of you to diversify your drinking this weekend — or at least to think critically about it — then I’ve succeeded.

1) A very interesting (troubling?) article on the subjectivity of wine, which describes an experiment in which experts were fooled into thinking that white wine with red food coloring was actually red.

2) A Slate article about “supertasters,” a concept I haven’t heard of before, but which is endlessly interesting. Maybe we’ll have PROP tests at a meeting soon.

3) Another related article about an experiment involving supertasters. Fascinating stuff.

4) Finally, pairing wine with goat cheese. Delicious!

Thanks to Erik and Jason for forwarding these articles. Enjoy your weekends—


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