Four badass links for your Thursday night

By Jesse on January 25, 2008

It’s 8:45pm and I’m still at the office, thoroughly enjoying my cushy existance working in the movie industry. I thought I’d send you a few links in case you find yourself in a similar state of misfotune.

First off, awesome meeting last night. That Argentinean Malbec was really solid all around. As I mentioned at the meeting, Vendome Wines in Studio City is hosting a tasting of South American wines on Friday night from 6-8. The tasting costs $15, and will feature a flight of wines including Malbec and Carmenere from Argentina and Chile. All bottles featured are 10% off for those who attend. If you enjoyed last night’s meeting — or, better yet, if you missed it — come out to Vendome for Round 2. They’re at 11555 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. Call me if you need directions… I’m planning to get there around 7:30 or so.

Here’s some delicious reading material for you:

–From Erik Nye: a snazzy little piece about the myths and legends surrounding Pinot Noir. Pretty compelling stuff. At the last meeting, I’m ashamed to say that one of our long-time winos didn’t know that Pinot is the preeminent red grape of France’s Burgundy region… how have I failed you all so terribly? (Naturally, I won’t mention who it was, since I don’t want to embarrass either her or her boyfriend Noah.)

–From Jason Meltzer, a very interesting LA Times article about the rise of tequila bars and premium tequila culture here in LA. Yes, we’ll definitely do a tequila tasting at some point… Cinco de Mayo much?

–Finally, from Don Ferlazzo. Remember our Sonoma trip when we visited De LA Montanya winery, the place that had the 1812 Zinfandel? Remember all the bizarre bottles on the wall with the winemaker’s wife in various states of undress? This may be the best yet — apparently the winery has teamed up with the band Journey to create the 2005 “Arrival” cabernet sauvignon from Alexander Valley grapes. Only $50 a bottle… or $100 to have it signed by the band members!!

That’s all for the dispatches from the front line. Hope to see you at the tasting tomorrow.

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