12/15/10 – Winter Beers III

By Jesse on December 13, 2010

Jason has generously agreed to once again host our annual Winter Beers tasting.  As always, this will be a casual affair, primarily because beer is totally un-serious and pedestrian compared to wine.  (Oooooh, snap!  No he didn’t!)

And no, I actually didn’t.  Beer is, of course, incredibly complex and elegant, perhaps no more so than when all of the rich and robust winter brews are available to consumers.  This winter, Jason will be providing a number of beers in various styles.  What should we expect on the menu?  Well, perhaps some…

— Winter ales
— Scottish ales
— Bocks
— …or Dopplebocks
— …or Weizenbocks!
— Stouts
— …or Imperial Stouts
— Winter wheats / dark wheat beers
— Porters (and not just yours truly)

What makes a good winter beer?  According to Chris at HopsAtHome, “it’s dark, sometimes, and it tends to be thicker, but that’s really about it. The beer itself may be sweet, it may be bitter, it may be hoppy, or it may be malty.”  Let’s separate the good winter warmers from the weak wannabees on Wednesday at 8pm.

For this meeting, please feel free to bring any kind of winter beer that you can lay your hands on — or, if you prefer, a $5.00 donation to the cause.

We’ll be meeting at Jason’s place in Brentwood. To RSVP, simply click “will attend” over on the right side of this page. On the day of the event, Jason will send you an e-mail with his address.

Once you’ve gotten your confirmation e-mail, grab yourself a winter beer or five American dollars, and put your tasting hat on. See you on Wednesday night!