The “Booze Basket” returns — and wants to be won by you!

By Jesse on April 6, 2010

Last year, blind-tasting legend Andrew “Milwaukee’s Best” Lang was the victor in the 2009 Young Winos March Madness blind-tasting championships — and, as such, became the proud owner of the 2009 Booze Basket.  Like other impressive trophies of note (i.e. the Stanley Cup, or the “Employee of the Month” Mug at the Reseda Dollar-Mart), the famous cork-emblazoned Booze Basket gets returned to the governing body every year to be refurbished and issued to the new champion.

This year’s Booze Basket is once again filled with delicious and diverse bottles from the Winos’ personal list of favorites.  The lineup includes:

1) 2007 Lucas & Lewellen “Goodchild Vineyard” Chardonnay (Santa Barbara County)
2) 2005 Tolosa Winery Pinot Noir (Edna Valley)
3) 2007 Municipal Winemakers “Bright Red” (Santa Barbara County)

Click herehere or here for our reviews of the respective bottles.

Make sure you RSVP at the events page to claim your spot for the March Madness finals!

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