11/11/09 – Santa Barbara reds

By Jesse on November 10, 2009

This week’s meeting is being hosted by Jason, and will begin at 8pm.

The LA Winos have lots of friends in Santa Barbara, even without the entire chapter of Winos that live there! This is partially because it’s so close to Los Angeles and full of hip young winemakers. This week, we will explore the red wines of Santa Barbara county and its appellations — some hip, and some not-so-hip.

The reds of Santa Barbara run the gamut — from big and bold Cabernet Sauvignon to subtle Pinot Noir, and from the well known Syrah to the somewhat obscure Mourvedre. Blends representative of Rhone and Bordeaux abound, as well as some more interesting concoctions not often found east of Australia.

Want to know more about Santa Barbara before the meeting? Check out these wino-tastic blog entries from The Young Winos of LA. Grab your favorite bottle of Santa Barbara red or $10 and join us for the tasting!

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