07/26/06 – New Zealand part 2 (Sauvignon Blanc)

By Jesse on July 26, 2006

Gents and ladyfolk~

First of all, my apologies if this e-mail is riddled with spelling errors and all manner of lexicographical problems.  I’m writing it on a computer at work — yeah, I got a job, but fear not, it’s just temporary, and I’ll shortly return to being unemployed and devoting all of my time to wine club — and it’s a PC.  It’s rare that I write anything on a PC these days… Max has one which I use occasionally when he’s not home and I need to visit a website that I’m afraid will give me a virus.  Other than that, it’s macs all the way for me, and returning to a PC is kind of trippy.  These keys are sticky as well, so I’m worried that I’m going to make a lot of undetectable errors (like typing “no” instead of “on” and other things that the spell check won’t notice but Andrew and Jason will), resulting in an entirely incomprehensible e-mail.  And you people are so timid that you won’t take the initiative to point it out to me, meaning that everyone will have bad information and no one will show up with the right bottle (or even in the right place).  C’mon, people, please…. help me out.  Help me help you.  I don’t do this for me.  You know that.

On Wednesday, we return to New Zealand for our second meeting out of two, and this time it’s Sauvignon Blanc — and only Sauvignon Blanc.  As we know from meetings earlier this spring (as well as our first meeting ever last September… remember that, Don, Max, Molly, and no one else?), Sauvignon Blanc is one of the traditional whites historically hailing from France, specifically the Bordeaux and Loire regions.  In the states, it finds success in much of California, and excellent examples also occur in Oregon and Washington.  New Zealand, despite its tiny size in terms of the global wine market, is fast becoming one of the top locations for Sauvignon Blanc, as apparently a delicious and unique Sauvignon Blanc taste is created by NZ’s distinctive maritime climate.  This has the makings of a really, really good meeting.  New Zealand examples of Sauvignon Blanc can be found for a range of prices at both your local wine shop and — with any luck — your local supermarket.

We’ll be meeting at Amy’s apartment in beautiful Mar Vista.  Here’s how to get there: (classified)

Everyone is invited to come early and watch basketball on our giant projection screen ;o)

I copied those directions out of the e-mail she sent me for her last meeting, which was in June, so that “basketball game” doesn’t really apply anymore… but I was so charmed by the little smiley face at the end that I just didn’t have the heart to delete it.  Remember to chill your bottles, and we’ll see y’all on Wednesday at 9 PM.