07/05/06 – Australian reds (pt. 1)

By Jesse on July 3, 2006


I’ve got a little “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack playing in the background as I write this, so if you detect a morose, pining tone to this e-mail about Australian red blends, that’s why.

This Wednesday night we return to Australia for week three out of four, although I wish there could be more…. so, so many more.  But there can’t, and we’ve just got to fight these tears as best we can.  As I said last time, Australia’s major red grape is Shiraz, but we’ll be saving that one for next week.  This week, we’re doing the other Australian blends, which are really full of soul and passion in their own special ways.  Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, was the first red to put Australia on the map back in the ’60s, before those crikey bastards had really figured out what they were doing with Shiraz.  Today, it is often one of Australia’s best wines.  Grenache is also a big one — I’ll be bringing a 100% Grenache, for example, and it’s one from Vendome that I’ve actually already tried, so no unpleasant surprises this time.  Merlot is also a local fav, although it’s frequently blended with Cabernet, because Cabernet and Merlot are really a sweet, beautiful pair, the deep poignancy of which I can’t express on this page…  I’d have to sing you a song to truly explain.  Feel free to bring either a 100% red varietal or any red blend you’d like (including a Shiraz blend, as long as Shiraz makes up less than 50%).

Uh oh, now “Hips Don’t Lie” is on…. I think the tone is gonna start to change.

We’ll be meeting at Andrew’s sexy casa in the ciudad caliente de Hollywood.  Lets get there promptly at 9:00 so that we can get down as soon as possible.  Also, apparently Andrew is short on glassware since he broke most of it last time he had one of his orgies.

We’ll see all you guapos y bonitas a las nueve de Miercoles.

No fightin–