Hollywood takes a blind taste of wine history

By Jesse on June 17, 2008

I think it’s fair to assume that, five or ten years ago, the true story of an unlikely result at an international wine-tasting competition in 1976 might not exactly have seemed likely fodder for a major motion picture. But apparently, in our post-Sideways world, all traces of enophobia are long gone:

Clearly, this is no crusty old documentary, no inaccessible highbrow fare. In what could reasonably be considered Hollywood’s version of bottles with animals on the label, they’ve adorned the boring old “true story” elements with plenty of sultry blondes, saucy barmaids, and stodgy old froggies. I wonder if the assembled crowd will start chanting “USA, USA!” when (spoiler alert!) the results are eventually announced?

To be fair, the trailer above at least makes Bottle Shock look like a decent movie. If the final edit is closer to this trailer, though, with more emphasis placed on the cloying and saccharine emotional elements, you may find yourself wishing you’d smuggled a bottle or two into the theater to help you get through it:

“She liked my wine. A lot.” My new favorite euphemism. Watch for it in future posts.

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