Don Ferlazzo brings the Winos east!

By Jesse on March 13, 2008

Good news for any Young Winos who find themselves frequent mid-week visitors to the Albany, New York metro area — Wino Emeritus Don Ferlazzo has just established the Young Winos of Upstate New York. Check out the craigslist ad:

The club promises the experience of discussing “different types of wine, as well as wine basics, history, production, and food pairings.” Despite Don’s idiocyncracies while a charter member of the Young Winos of LA, I have no doubt that he’ll rise to the occasion as the leader of this new chapter, and that the club will be a successful and informative one. We look forward to future cross-country collaborations.

The photo that he lifted from us, which is fine, since he used to live in this apartment (and own that couch)

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  1. Yes, some time has passed since Jesse posted this, but the Young Winos of Upstate New York will have our first meeting this Wednesday, July 16th! I selected our first wine of the week as Riesling the very same way Jesse used to choose wines for wine club each week – because it was the only wine bottle I already owned. I’ll keep you all posted…

    Comment by Don Ferlazzo — July 15, 2008 @ 12:25 pm

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